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Lawland Solicitors are to be registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Association (S.R.A).The firm is located is East Algate (find us on...Contact page...) where it is expected that many prospective clients will find it easy to commute.



Thank you for visiting my office website and profile.

My name is AHAMED NAZEEM MOHAMED MANSOOR best known professionally as NAZEEM MANSOOR for short.


I am the Principal Solicitor and sole proprietor of LAWLAND SOLICITORS. I opened this office in February 2012 with the dream to provide excellent service for the community.



I successfully completed a law degree and qualified to practice as an Attorney. I then migrated to the UK in 2000 and started to work for a legal aid firm. I qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales. On 1st February 2005 was admitted as a Solicitor and with that I gained vast knowledge in immigration, asylum and Nationality. I have nearly 18 years work experience and knowledge.


I have almost 14 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE). I was a partner for a legal aid firm and have acquired necessary experience and skills in the immigration field. As a result I have taken big steps and did set up my own Law Firm, (Lawland solicitors). I have clients from various nationalities, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

I believe that my client care, honest advice, specialisation in nationality, immigration and human rights laws, combined with Management Skills have helped me to achieve great success in my legal career.


I am very dedicated in providing immigration legal services to my clients in the best way possible and to that end, I at all times strive to achieve the best outcome for them and also try to put myself in their position and by understanding the importance of each case from their point of view.


I have very good experience and skills to provide 100% honest opinion on merits of the case. Most importantly I charge a very reasonable and affordable fee to clients as I believe our service should not be money motivated.


We at Lawland Soliciotrs promise our Clients a caring, fast, friendly, honest, reliable, affordable and professional service.


The Solicitor practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority - 567219

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